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Conveniently located in Harveston 

Full service dog grooming salon.                                                                      We accept:  

Please text for a quote

Mobile Grooming Prices

Save Time and Gas Money

Full Grooms start at:

Small 95

Medium  110

Large  125

Bath and Brush outs start at:
Small  65

Medium  75

Large 85

Give me a call or send a text to get quote!


What size is your dog(examples)?

Small ex: Shih Tzu, Maltese, Pug, Toy Poodle

Medium ex:  Cocker Spaniel, Border Collie, Mini Golden Retriever, 

Large ex: St. Poodle, Golden Retriever, German Shepard, Doodle

****All starting prices reflect a coat in good combable condition.  Extra charges for dematting tangled coats, deshed treatments, foxtail removal and specialized grooming.  Please ask for exact quotes at the time of grooming.  Mostly based on time it takes to complete grooming.  

Pet grooming improves pet health

Why groom your dog? According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, you should groom your pet on a regular basis to avoid potential health issues.

ASPCA suggests the following tips:

  • Bathe or brush your pet on a regular basis to cut back on parasites, odors, dirt and tangles in dogs.

  • Trim your dog's claws regularly to avoid infections caused by the nails growing into the pads on the bottom of their feet.

  • Gently clean your pet's eyes and ears, checking for any signs of infection, such as mucus surrounding the eye or an excess of debris in the ear.

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